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Planning for Hospital Discharge

Caring for the Caregiver

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Cultivating Patient Engagement

Hard-to-Discharge is Now History

Fostering Transparency

Strengthening Post-Acute Networks

Streamlining Workflow

Three Strategies for Improving Care Coordination

The IMPACT Act: Legislating Care Coordination

3 Things You Can Do Now to Up Your HIPAA Compliance Game

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Ushering in the Next Generation of Care Coordination

Elevating Communication During Care Transitions

Realizing Optimal Outcomes in Care Transitions

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Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Engagement Using Technology-enabled Care Coordination

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Solving Healthcare for the Sandwich Generation

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Getting Your Hands Around Health-Care Technology

Using Technology and Proactive Communication to Help Prevent Avoidable Readmissions

Key Readmission Reduction Strategies

Using Technology to Meet CMS Discharge Planning Requirements

Empowering Patients to Engage and Follow Care Plans Post Discharge

Leveraging Technology to Reduce Hospitals’ Growing Financial Risk

3 Ways Hospitals Can Navigate “Act One” of CJR Payment Rule

Interoperability Helps—But is it Enough?

Predictions for Health Care in 2016 and Beyond

Revisions to CMS Rule for Discharge Planning Proposed

Breaking Down the Walls in Health-care Technology

Technology Solutions Enhance Common Readmission Strategies

EHRs Don't Go Far Enough: It's Time to Put the Whole Patient into the Equation

Focus on Medication Management Translates to Real Dollars, and Real Sense

Making Sense of Weak Signals: Health-Care Systems Can Break the Code

The Brave New World of Patient Involvement in Care

Data, Technology Offer Sustainable Solutions to Address Readmission Risks

Reducing All-Cause, Unplanned Readmissions with Improved Risk Stratification

Hospitals to Lose Millions in 2015 Readmission Penalty Hikes

Hospital Boards Get Down to Business

Risk Migrates to Providers, but Health-care IT Solutions Can Help

Better Care Transitions through Technology

Narrow Networks Offer Narrow Options, Riskier Transitions

Reaching Beyond Lean: Leveraging Technology to Improve Quality, Efficiency and Human Interactions

Ensocare Sees Growing Momentum at Industry Events

Leveraging Technology to Effectively Reduce Length of Stay

The Report is In… Hospital Readmissions Carry High Costs for Consumers

Stop Gap Approach Fails to Address Better Patient Care

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Part II: Four Steps to Maintain Patient Engagement after Discharge

Part I: Four Steps to Maintain Patient Engagement after Discharge

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