Post-Acute Partnerships Can Help Reduce Readmissions

Posted by Wayne Sensor on 3/17/14 1:36 PM

As reimbursement penalties increase hospitals' focus on reducing avoidable readmissions, many acute-care providers are looking to post-acute care providers to help.

I visit with hospitals and health systems across the country, and many have the same questions. I’ve compiled some of the questions and my responses below.

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Topics: Post-acute Care, Affordable Care Act, Reducing Readmissions

Health Care IT Streamlines Transitions and Supports Discharge Planners

Posted by Wayne Sensor on 3/3/14 10:48 AM

With staffing shortages and an influx of patients, there often aren’t enough care coordinators or discharge planners to efficiently facilitate care transitions, leaving some patients vulnerable to preventable readmissions and other negative outcomes.

And now, the discharge planning team must expand its reach. The Affordable Care Act requires them to focus their attention on what happens to patients after they leave the hospital.

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Topics: Post-acute Care, Care Coordination, Length of Stay, Affordable Care Act